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web_icons-cs Case Studies

CHRISTUS Health AudaPro Case StudyPDF157.08 KB Download
An Award-winning Healthcare System ROI Case StudyPDF144.26 KB Download
Lee Memorial Health Case StudyPDF149.28 KB Download
Midwest Orthopaedic Case StudyPDF126.08 KB Download
Spartanburg ROI Case StudyPDF49.51 KB Download
Florida Hospital ROI Case StudyPDF55.86 KB Download
Halifax ROI Case StudyPDF52.43 KB Download

e-icon eBooks

Please click on the links below to download one of our informative eBooks.

Top 10 Security QuestionsPDF1.25 MB Download
Top Ten Risks for HIM ProfessionalsPDF1.02 MB Download
Top 10 RAC Mistakes eBookPDF1.43 MB Download
8 Steps to Mastering the Audit ProcessPDF3.56 MB Download

web_icons-is Info Sheets

HealthPort Audit ReliefPDF2.94 MB Download
HealthPort AudaPro OverviewPDF1.64 MB Download
Government Audit Solutions OverviewPDF1.70 MB Download
HIHPro Overview 2013PDF1.61 MB Download
HIHPro+ OverviewPDF725.27 KB Download
ROI OverviewPDF741.47 KB Download
HealthPort Pillars of ExcellencePDF427.65 KB Download
HealthPort Best in ClassPDF516.29 KB Download
HealthPort eDeliveryPDF195.51 KB Download
HealthPort UniversityPDF516.18 KB Download
ROI Seven Reasons to OutsourcePDF689.57 KB Download
ROI Comprehensive OverviewPDF226.88 KB Download
HealthPort Connect for ProvidersPDF751.46 KB Download
Remote ROIPDF1.04 MB Download
ROI Frequently Asked QuestionsPDF687.59 KB Download
Medical Forms CompletionPDF432.92 KB Download
ROI 32 Steps to Fulfill a RequestPDF464.88 KB Download
Social Security AdministrationPDF99.73 KB Download
Meaningful Use SummaryPDF150.22 KB Download

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